What are the stages of the process?

Each process is unique and personal. I adapt the sessions to your needs and moment of life.

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We get to know each other

Before starting the session(s), we’ll have an introduction call for about 30 minutes, without charge It is about breaking the ice and getting to know each other. There may be personal questions, and I will invite you to jointly establish the next steps according to your needs.


Focus of the sessions

Together we decide on how the sessions will be carried out; we agree on the duration, place and form of the sessions. At this point it is important that both parties are aligned with the Coaching and/or Therapy process. An alliance is established where, among other things, there is a commitment to follow the process with trust, respect and honesty.


First session Discovery

In the first session we discover your values, life purpose and we deal with what concerns you now. We will uncover what prevents you from making decisions, understand emotions and feelings of why you can’t move forward and how you can unblock yourself. This may take one session or several, but it is important to remain open and flexible, with a strong commitment to explore, enquire and desire to grow.


Design your plan towards change

In the following sessions you may just need to organize your ideas and someone to put what you already know into perspective. It is time to act; change the course and explore new ways of interpreting your reality. We will draw up your action plan!

Now it’s time to take action

I offer you a space where you can express yourself safely and freely. We can explore situations in your daily life where you feel blocked and/or any thought patterns you would like to understand and from which you can learn.

Let’s get to know each other:the introduction call is approximately 30 minutes and serves to notice the chemistry that arises, and assess if you’d like to move forward with the process.

The session is aproximately 1 hour.

The session can be in person or online. Face-to-face sessions are in Utrecht, the Netherlands and in Alicante, Spain.

Spanish, Catalan, English and German.

Everything we talk about in the session is 100 percent confidential. Your personal information cannot be revealed or used without your express authorization.

In order for us to make the most of the sessions, it is important that you commit 100 percent to the process. Sometimes awkward moments arise, challenging questions, and suppressed emotions can come to the surface. Other times there is a beautiful creativity at work in the session.

Depending on the nature of the service you seek, I can offer you varying packages of sessions.

If my approach connects with you, we can have an initial
30-minute call completely free and without commitment.