Hi! I’m Claudia

I am very happy that you have read this far. Would you like to know if I am the person you are looking for?

Let me tell you something about myself…

I lived in Germany for most of my childhood and adolescence. Since then, I have lived and worked in different countries such as England, Thailand, China and Spain. Currently I am located in Utrecht, a wonderful city in the middle of the Netherlands. It’s been a life of many changes, but all well lived!

In 2012, I decided to take an important step in my career. Up till then I had worked in agencies, corporations and dabbled in the world of entrepreneurship. During that time there was something deep inside me that was not connecting; this life didn’t click with me. The stress and discontent began to take its toll and I suffered from depression and an eating disorder. It was then that I decided to start cultivating my serenity and Yoga, Meditation and Therapy helped me to find answers.

The essence of Coach Zen was created during my most vulnerable moments, and partly due to the inspiration and learnings from my Zen teacher in Japan.

I have to admit at the beginning there were many doubts and fears. I needed self-knowledge and courage to break through my mental barriers and find my way. I am not saying that my fears disappeared magically, but now I understand the emotion of fear. I have let it accompany me in my life. What I am certain about is that it will not stop me.

Now I am a woman, mother and wife who dives into daily situations, just like you. I feel strong and connected to my essence, and committed to my values. Through Coaching, Therapy and Body Awareness I want to share and help other people to feel good, in tune with their body, soul and mind.

I am very grateful when connecting with people. do. Every time I help someone through the process of change and acceptance, something also changes in myself.I continue learning thanks to the trust of others. I am someone who navigates life’s challenges, just like you.

I would love to accompany you to discover your potential and rediscover yourself.

Zen is a transmission outside all doctrine. It is not based on words or scholarship. It points directly to the heart of the human being, and leads them to see reality and reach the awakened state.

Hindu monk Bodhidharma

My Values

We act according to our goals and values; they are the main ingredients needed to begin a change or an acceptance process.

Start by being honest with myself and with the people around me.

Trust people and organizations, knowing that we all have great potential.

I promise to give the best of myself, to use my knowledge and skills to benefit the people and companies with which I collaborate.

Help others find ways to improve, feel a sense of wellbeing and make them enjoy life with fullness and authenticity.

To feel free, and to live it as a force to accept and change through compassion, resilience and forgiveness.

The trust and information that people give me is held with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

My Training & Experience

I have a degree in Marketing and Communication and obtained a postgraduate degree in Cultural Management. Since 2012, I have been a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. I have taught workshops in different schools, companies and given private sessions around the world.

  • Certificación Life Coaching & PNL of International Coaching Community (ICC)
  • Certificación Psychology for High Performance Athletes – Barça Innovation Hub
  • Certificación Yoga Alliance 200hr, Mumbai Yoga School
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Institute
  • Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers, Applied Yoga Anatomy with Simon Borg-Olivier